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Choose the Right Collar for Your Dog

As a pet owner, you want the best for your dog, and that include making sure it is safe, does not cause damage and does not get lost. The best way to do that is to ensure your dog is properly tagged and has the right collar.

When it comes to choosing the right collar, there are many things you will need to take into consideration such as the breed of your dog, behavior issues, and whether if the collar is for training purposes or everyday use. Following is a guide that will help to pick the right collar for your dog.

Types of Collars

Dog collars are designed to have two main functions: to hold the dog's tag all the time and to attach a leash. Because dogs can easily get lost, it is important to always keep a tag attached to their collars. With that, anyone who finds your dog will be able to contact you.

The type of collar needed to hold your dog's tag is usually not the best one to use for walking or training your dog. In most of the cases, it makes sense to have a comfortable collar so your dog can wear it at home, and another collar for waking or training. Here is a list with the main types of dog collars.

    • Leather Collars: A good quality leather collar is the number one choice among dog owners. Available in a variety of models widths and lengths, while some leather collars are plain others are covered with adornments. It's all about your preferences. If your dog is still growing, this option might be a little expensive one, since your dog will need a larger version soon. 

    • Nylon Collars: Like leather collars, nylon collars are available in numerous different widths and lengths as well as in many different prints and colours. The closure on the collar is commonly a high durable plastic clip and can be also the same type of belt closures used on leather collars. For dogs that are still growing, this collar makes a wiser choice since its more adjustable and also more affordable.

    • Martingale Collars: A martingale collar has a chain connected to a solid band that goes around the dogs neck. The chain is where the leash attaches to the collar and it should be tighten around your dog's neck just enough to keep your dog from slipping out the collar.

Aside of these main dog collar models, there are few others available on the market. To find the right 

collar for your dog, visit local or online pet stores. Online pet stores are a great place to find a larger selection of different styles, colors and option. Online stores are also an excellent place to find a bargain.

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